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Source: Media Outreach

An initiative to protect children and their migrant mothers through donations received from Children’s Day to Mother’s Day
HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 30 March 2022 – Next week Hugill & Ip and PathFinders will launch a joint campaign to raise funds to benefit the many vulnerable children and their migrant mothers in Hong Kong.The fundraiser officially kicks off on 4 April 2022. The starting date marks Children’s Day and the campaign will last until 8 May – Mother’s Day. The campaign includes a series of events to raise awareness about the challenges that many working mothers and Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) face. As the only charity in Hong Kong dedicated to supporting the unique vulnerabilities of children born to migrant mothers, PathFinders strives to ensure that these vulnerable and unsupported children are protected and respected, and their mothers are empowered to find a path to a bright future.Starting on Children’s Day (4 April), Hugill & Ip’s Estate Planning team will prepare temporary and/or permanent Deeds of Guardianship, on a pro-bono basis, in exchange for minimum charitable donation of $2,888 to PathFinders. Every dollar will go directly to PathFinders and support them to maintain critical services and safeguard the wellbeing and future of children born to migrant mothers, particularly critical during uncertain times like the current COVID-19 pandemic.While donations can only be received from 4 April to 8 May 2022, the period for taking appointments and the preparation of Deeds of Guardianship with the Estate Planning team at Hugill & Ip will run until 30 September 2022. This is a great opportunity for everyone who has not yet put in place or needs to update their guardianship wishes, while supporting an important charitable organisation. All donations are tax-deductible.Having helped almost 9,200 babies, children and women since 2008, PathFinders is a respected charity committed to supporting the welfare of children and mothers by providing child protection, counselling, shelter, healthcare, education and supplies. Hong Kong currently employs 330,000 MDWs, many of whom are women of childbearing age. Often social and cultural norms in their home countries does not encourage comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education and/or gender equality, which can result in an unplanned pregnancy during their stay in Hong Kong.Despite legal protections, once an MDW’s pregnancy is announced or discovered, many of these expectant mothers are unlawfully fired, pressured to leave or resign because they, and their employers, simply don’t know what else to do. PathFinders adopts an educational and preventive approach towards ensuring every pregnancy is considered and planned, thereby enabling a clear, stable and brighter path is established for every child.However, without systemic and policy change, the problems PathFinders tackles will likely escalate with the number of MDWs employed in Hong Kong expected to increase to 600,000 by 2047 to help care for a rapidly ageing population. To influence change, PathFinders engages with HKSAR Government Departments, Consulates, United Nations agencies, academics and key local and international stakeholders to ensure policies and practices do not actively exclude or omit to protect children and mothers it serves.Since its founding days, Hugill & Ip has continued supporting different charitable causes and NGOs. In the past 18 months, a specific effort has been given to social responsibility initiatives related to children, the elderly and cancer-affected individuals. The firm hopes to see an increased number of local organizations getting involved in projects that impact our community and also give their workforce a platform to develop a wider commitment towards society.Call to actionGet a Deed of Guardianship for your child(ren) upon direct donations to PathFinders
Find out more about issues pertaining to safety and security of children throughout the campaign and help raise awareness
Celebrate #WorkingMomsHK and understand how corporates can better support their female employees to integrate work and family, in the spirit of promoting a more diverse, inclusive and family friendly workplace culture.

More information is available on the #PathGuardiansHK campaign page. – Published and distributed with permission of