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Source: Media Outreach

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Media OutReach – 24 March 2022 – Gunung Prisma (GP), one of the key players in the steel industry, had announced its collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia to address health service problems in Kluwung Hamlet. As the COVID-19 pandemic presses on unrelentingly, and several challenges related to the healthcare system are highlighted, Gunung Prisma (GP) has been at the forefront of initiatives that aim to improve health services in Indonesia.

The collaboration was aimed at supporting the humanitarian organisation Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, and its Posyandu (an integrated service post) construction project. With social contributions that do not just cater to the emerging needs of the communities in terms of infrastructure and building materials, this collaboration was established in a bid to foster a robust healthcare service agenda. Liwa Supriyanti, Director of GP and representative of an asset management firm, currently leads the social efforts to achieve the social mission and vision of the steel industry in Indonesia.Leading a Health Care ReformWhile the number of patients requiring health services surges due to the pandemic, the existing healthcare infrastructure needs to be expanded so that the basic human need to maintain optimal health is met. Focusing on major health problems faced by women and children, this Posyandu, a community-based health facility will increase accessibility to medical care and support every Indonesian in leading productive lives.”With the construction of the Posyandu, mothers will no longer have to travel 3-4 kilometres from Kluwung Hamlet to the nearest health facility. This, we believe, will encourage mothers to go for regular health checks even when they are not ill and check on the health and development of their toddlers,” expressed Liwa Supriyanti.Bringing About Necessary ChangesBeyond the expected 110 mothers and children this Posyandu can serve, it will also double as a place for first aid for those who require such services. While the construction of the Posyandu, led by Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, was completed in January this year, the director of GP personally took it upon herself to further help similar causes. The asset firm representative has also donated tilt tables to another foundation in the hopes of aiding medical professionals in conducting various tests and evaluations.Striving to pave the way for a stronger healthcare system and medical supply chain, such contributions can serve as an example for businesses across Indonesia to spearhead the necessary changes within the local context and ensure equality within the community.The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. – Published and distributed with permission of