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Source: New Zealand Parliament – Oral Questions and Answers

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Oral Questions – 9 December 2021

Originally published: 9 December 2021

Questions to Ministers

CHRIS BAILLIE to the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety: Will the Government further progress Fair Pay Agreements; if so, why, given it was not the preferred option of his own officials?

NICOLA WILLIS to the Minister of Housing: Does she stand by the then Minister of Housing’s statement in December 2017 that “home ownership will become more affordable for New Zealand families”, and why hasn’t the Government delivered on this commitment?

IBRAHIM OMER to the Minister of Education: What new action is the Government taking to support schools to provide learning environments for their students that are “warm, dry and fit for purpose’?

Hon SIMON BRIDGES to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by all of his statements and actions on inflation?

SHANAN HALBERT to the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations: What progress has been made on historical Treaty of Waitangi settlements in 2021?

TEANAU TUIONO to the Associate Minister of Housing (Public Housing): Does she stand by her statement that the Government is “monitoring what happens with rent rises and will take action if necessary”; if so, does she think action is necessary now?

HELEN WHITE to the Minister for Economic and Regional Development: What decision has the Government recently made about New Zealand securing the Sail Grand Prix competition?

CHRIS BISHOP to the Minister for COVID-19 Response: What regions were listed in the preliminary view submitted to the Director-General of Health as being able to enter the COVID-19 Protection Framework at green, and was this preliminary view ever shared with his office?

NAISI CHEN to the Minister of Transport: What reports has he seen on coastal shipping?

HARETE HIPANGO to the Associate Minister of Health (Māori Health): Has he asked the Director-General of Health to release all the data as requested by the Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency yet; if not, why not?

SARAH PALLETT to the Associate Minister of Health: How will the Smokefree 2025 Action Plan help achieve the goal of a Smokefree Aotearoa New Zealand?

MARK CAMERON to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by her statement that “This government will foster a more open and democratic society. It will strengthen transparency around official information”; if so, is she confident that the Government has fulfilled this commitment in relation to releasing information about Groundswell NZ?

Answers to these questions are delivered from 2pm (New Zealand time) on the day of tabling. The answers can be accessed in text form, once Hansard is finalised, by clicking here.