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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 9 February 2022 – Giving red packet or “lai see” in the Lunar New Year is a tradition for sending blessings and good luck from the older generations to the younger. With the blessings received, have you considered using a portion to support social enterprises (“SEs”) and fulfil your social responsibilities simply by practicing ethical consumption? Now you can do so by purchasing selected adaptive clothing on TECM MALL and the social enterprise will send the adaptive clothing as a Chinese New Year gift on your behalf to the underprivileged groups in Hong Kong.

This Lunar New Year, Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES) has prepared a double surprise for you! FSES is now partnering with local healthy food and beverage company “Hung Fook Tong” and social enterprise “Home Care Apparel” (“FPP HCA”) to launch a Lunar New Year Charity campaign “Shopping Social in the Year of Tiger” by encouraging the public to make purchase on TECM MALL and donate tailored made adaptive clothing to cancer and chronically ill patients. Additionally, attractive shopping discounts are launched on the TECM MALL so everyone can support various local social enterprises at their fingertips.

【Shopping Social in the Year of Tiger】
From January 15th to February 28th, you can purchase adaptive clothing to donate to cancer and chronically ill patients on TECM MALL’s “Buy to Donate” page, and as a token of appreciation, you will receive a New Year goodie bag specially packed with Hung Fook Tong’s sponsored products (including 2 homemade soup packs and 2 bottles of healthy drinks). Better yet, every goodie bag you receive means another corresponding goodie bag will be sent to cancer and chronically ill patients, thus the patients will receive both the adaptive clothing and the goodie bag! Visit TECM MALL to shop social to send warmth and blessing to the needy now!

Hung Fook Tong New Year Goodie Bag
Each includes 2 homemade soup packs and 2 bottles of healthy drinks.

* Limited quantity is available on a first-come-first-served basis until stock lasts. Promotion is subject to terms and conditions.

【Live with Dignity and Pride with Tailored Made Adaptive Clothing】
Due to the changing physical conditions of patients, whom may have difficulty moving their arms or body, or have other physical support needs, their normal clothing may no longer be suitable for them. Many caretakers feel challenging whenever they needed to help chronically ill patients to get change. Former social worker Ms. Swing Lau, founder of social enterprise – “Home Care Apparel” (“FPP HCA”), felt a strong need to help the patients to live more comfortably and with dignity. Based on her previous experience from serving in nursing homes, Lau founded FPP HCA and introduced the concept of adaptive clothing to the city. She designs personalized clothing according to the needs of her patients including urine bag pants, jumpsuits, anti-strip pants, etc. She strives to smoothen the caring process as well as to minimize possible injuries for both the patients and the caregivers.

In the past, FPP HCA tailor-designed clothing for an old man who had dementia, poor self-caring ability, and foot pain problems. With one specially made pants, the client’s life and relationship with his caregiver was improved.

For more details on this case:

Urine Bag Pants
The design allows user’s urine bag to be hidden inside the trousers, making it more comfortable for users to wear it and permits them to go out without physical obstacles.

【Understanding Patient Experience: A Workshop for Rehabilitation and Nursing 】
To help the public to better understand rehabilitation care, Home Care Apparel and Hung Fook Tong’s new café concept store “HFT Life” will jointly host a ” Introductory Workshop for Rehabilitation and Nursing “, where Ms. Swing Lau, the founder of Home Care Apparel, will introduce a variety of adaptive clothing as well as the proper methods of using them. In addition, participants can try on the specially designed adaptive clothing and experience their significance for cancer and chronically ill patients. Participants will also receive HFT Life shopping coupons after the workshop. Stay tuned for the event date and registration details!

“Home Care Apparel” not only focuses on the appearance and comfortability of the fabric, but also concerns on the needs of their users. Firstly, it increases the users’ self-care ability. Secondly, it reduces the burden of the caregivers, thereby helping users to develop self-confidence as they live their life with dignity and pride.

【TECM MALL Exclusive: Shopping for Lunar New Year Products from Local Social Enterprises】
Aside from the “Shopping Social in the Year of Tiger” charity campaign, TECM MALL has also launched a series of Lunar New Year promotion for everyone to practice their ethical consumption at the one stop e-platform with over 200+ products from local social enterprises. Limited-time offers on four consecutive Wednesdays in January will be offered. For more details, please visit the TECM MALL website:

Recommended Lunar New Year Products:
【FairTaste – Joyous Cashew Brittle & Tea Gift Box ($168)】
The gift box includes popular organic cashew brittle made from large and sweet Indian organic cashew nuts and Paraguay organic raw cane sugar. The cashew brittle is unforgettably crispy and delicious; besides they are produced by low-income women in the Kwai Tsing district.

【Joyous Kitchen – New Years’ Delights ($108 each) 】
This year, Joyous Kitchen has introduced a total of 4 Lunar New Year’s Delights, of which the taro cake is added with Chinese preserved sausage. If it is steamed, you will soon smell a rich aroma of the sausage; if fried, the cake will be crispy with a golden layer. Joyous Kitchen will donate all the net proceeds to support free meals distribution and poverty alleviation work!
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