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Employment indicators: Weekly as at 20 December 2021 – information release

23 December 2021

The experimental weekly series provides an early indicator of employment and labour market changes in a more timely manner than the monthly employment indicators series.

Key facts

The 6-day series includes jobs with a pay period equal to or less than 7 days, while the 20-day series covers jobs with pay periods of 14 days or fewer. The 34-day series includes all jobs regardless of their pay period.

The 34-day series indicated that for the latest week, the week ended 14 November 2021:

  • the number of paid jobs (compared with the previous week) were:
    • 2,334,150 total paid jobs (up 12,020 or 0.52 percent)
    • 108,630 paid jobs in primary industries (up 2,040 or 1.91 percent)
    • 441,490 paid jobs in goods-producing industries (up 2,230 or 0.51 percent)
    • 1,726,550 paid jobs in services industries (up 7,370 or 0.43 percent)
    • 57,470 paid jobs in unclassified industries (up 370 or 0.65 percent)
  • the median income (compared with the previous week) was:
    • $1,115.50 (up $0.12 or 0.01 percent).

We will not be publishing Employment indicators: Weekly as at 10 January 2022, which was originally scheduled for 13 January 2022. Our next release will be Employment indicators: Weekly as at 17 January 2022 to be published on 20 January 2022. This will allow enough time for data to be processed after the summer holidays and improve the quality of the indicator.

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