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Source: Environment Canterbury Regional Council

Every day looks different and that’s something I love about the role.

This morning I’ve been working with a new colleague, running them through some of the enforcement actions we need to take. We came across a query that we couldn’t quite resolve. It was to do with an interpretation of a plan that’s relevant for an activity we’re investigating. We went to customer services and worked with them to find the correct interpretation of the rule we’re looking for.

After that, it was time to go to a meeting off-site to advise a customer about discharging water from a sewer trench on a construction site into the Avon River.

On the way there we had to divert to the Heathcote River because we received an alert from the fire service that there was a car in the river. By the time we arrived the car had been removed from the river and, fortunately, there were no hydrocarbons of concern.

We then headed to Fendalton for our initial meeting. It went well. We were able to give some really good advice about the steps to take to avoid non-compliance and negative environmental impacts.

All this was before lunchtime!