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A Tilting Body of Precarious Maps

h u m a t t e r i n g is a ​​free one-off durational live performance event, housed inside the digital exhibition A Tilting Body of Precarious Maps and Migrant Constellations. 

Open to anyone, anywhere in the world, via wifi. A curated journey through a labyrinth of immersive worlds
h u m a t t e r i n g is a live-stream performance that sits inside the tilting body of precarious maps, for a durational, 12 hour performance that will alternate between a live stream event and a sharing of video material, to all countries in the world – through performance, text, sound, light, score, improvisation and choreography.

Creative Direction by artists alys longley and Kate Stevenson (DotDot) and with over 60 artists from across the world.

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