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Source: Tertiary Education Commission

See Condition: Performance expectation measures in relation to Māori and Pasifika students.
See Condition: Reporting requirements in respect of students with disabilities.
Also see the SDR Manual.
Equity funding for students with disabilities
The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) collects information from tertiary education institutions (TEIs) on their use of Equity funding for students with disabilities.
The collection of this data is very important, as it supports work being undertaken by the TEC and the Ministry of Education (MoE) to improve outcomes for disabled learners in the tertiary sector. The detailed information provided by the TEIs on the challenges, highlights and successes of supporting disabled learners helps inform work on funding needs. It will also continue to be reviewed in regards to additional resource content needs for The Kia Ōrite Toolkit – A New Zealand code of practice to achieve an inclusive and equitable tertiary education environment for disabled learners.
The data is collected through the ‘Equity funding: Tertiary students with disabilities’ reporting template, which captures various types of learner and resourcing information, such as costs, staff numbers, services provided, learners accessing the services, challenges faced by TEIs, etc.
You can access the latest reports below:
Annual reporting template
If you receive Equity funding for students with disabilities you must also complete a report to show us how you use the funding.
The reporting template for each year will be loaded to your Workspace 2. TEC will notify you directly when the template is uploaded. Your completed report will need to be uploaded to Workspace 2 no later than four working weeks from the time of notification.