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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

The Police Maritime Unit has this morning rescued two people from Wellington Harbour after their boat sunk near Somes Island.

The pair headed out from Petone early this morning and radioed an emergency situation at 8am.

A wave came over the stern of the boat, which stalled the engine. While they attempted to restart the motor their vessel was swamped and filled with water, after which it sunk.

“Fortunately both were wearing life jackets and had waterproof radio gear to call for help,” Police Coastal Master Senior Constable Kyle Smith

“This is a great example of where these people were prepared for the worst and it’s turned what could have been a bit of a hairy situation, into a fairly-quick rescue.”

No matter what type of craft you’re using, you should always follow the Boating Safety Code.

Everyone on the water needs a plan for how they are going to stay safe in case things go wrong. It’s vital you prep your craft and equipment, check your gear to make sure it’s safe and fit for purpose and know your responsibilities for keeping yourself and others safe.

Key tips for boating safely:

Always wear a life jacket when boating and jet skiing or using any other craft on the water

Have two forms of waterproof communication on board, such as mobile phone or marine radio

Make sure your equipment is safe and working

Check the marine weather forecast is external)

Avoid alcohol

Know the rules for the area you’re in

Be familiar with navigational hazards in your area


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