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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Source: Mike Treen and Auckland Cuba Friendship Society
The Auckland Cuba Friendship Society condemns the United States government’s financing and organising of groups within Cuba to hold provocative protests on November 15. These groups oppose Cuba’s socialist political system, and aim to destabilise it and restore capitalism to Cuba.

November 15 will register the significant progress made by the Cuban people and government in combating the Covid pandemic. It is the date that Cuba will reopen schools and welcome international tourists.

Healthcare in Cuba is free and universal. Despite the tightening of Washington’s economic war against Cuba, they have created three Covid vaccines and will have 90% of the medically eligible population fully vaccinated by November 15. Cuba also continues to extend a hand of solidarity around the world, sending medical volunteers to help fight coronavirus from Haiti to Italy.

The Cuban government has denied permits for the November 15 provocations, pointing out that they are the latest move in an over sixty-year campaign by Washington for “regime change.” US president Joseph Biden is continuing the policies of both his Republican and Democratic predecessors and their many and varied efforts to overthrow the Cuban revolution. Biden has left in place more than 240 new sanctions introduced by Donald Trump and is threatening more.

Despite the brutal hardships imposed by Washington, the Cuban people continue to show resolve in their struggle to determine their own future and defend their socialist revolution. We join them in demanding: Hands off Cuba! End Washington’s political and economic war against Cuba! US out of Guantánamo!