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Marlborough Anniversary Day – don’t get caught out by not knowing the rules

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Source: Ministry for Primary Industries

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MPI’s fishery officers will be busy inspecting catches and reminding people about the recreational fishing rules throughout this anniversary day weekend.

District team leader Anthony Little says there are various rules specific to the area which people need to keep in mind.

“By finding out about the rules and abiding by them you are doing your bit to look after the fishery and make sure there are enough fish for everyone.

“Please remember, the Marlborough Sounds area is closed from 1 September to 20 December for blue cod (rawaru) fishing. If you catch blue cod from outside the Marlborough Sounds and take it back into the Marlborough Sounds area you will need to prove that it was caught outside of the area. An easy way to do this is to take a photo of your fish showing a landmark from where it was caught, and by using a plotter or GPS to record your location.

“When fishing outside the Marlborough sounds area, in the Challenger East Tasman area, (farewell Spit to Clarence River) you can catch 2 blue cod per person per day and the size is 33cm or above.

“No filleting of blue cod is allowed at sea unless you are going to eat them immediately, you are required to land blue cod in a whole or gutted state only.

“Take care of your fish and if you catch undersize ones, try moving to a different spot away from the reefs.”

To check the fishing rules for your area, download the NZ Fishing Rules App

Fishing rules app

Map of blue cod closure area in Marlborough Sounds