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Source: Covid-19 New Zealand Government Announcements

With no evidence of community transmission in Northland after Alert Level 3 restrictions were brought in on 8 October, the Government is confident the region can safely move to Alert Level 2 from 11:59pm tonight — 19 October.

It is vital to remember that there are still rules to follow at Alert Level 2 — wear your masks, scan or sign in everywhere you go, and if you have symptoms of COVID-19 get tested, even if they are mild. 

The Waikato remains at Alert Level 3 in order to limit the spread of the virus, and people should continue to stay at home. As we are still seeing new and unlinked cases, we need to maintain our cautious approach, continue to test, contact trace, isolate and stamp out the virus where it emerges. We continue to encourage anyone in the Waikato who has cold and flu symptoms to get tested.

Police will continue to carry out checks around the Waikato Alert Level 3 area, and those who are allowed to travel must carry evidence that they are permitted to do so.

We will undertake a review of the Waikato Alert Level settings later this week.  

Advice for Waikato

Auckland will stay at Alert Level 3 Step 1 with no change to the restrictions in place, with a review to take place in 2 weeks, on Monday 1 November.

Aucklanders are overwhelmingly doing their bit through this tough time, and the restrictions are helping to keep case numbers as low as possible.   

However our collective wellbeing relies on every one of us doing their part to follow the rules, because the work we do now will make a difference. We are asking Aucklanders to keep with it, and to keep up the vaccination and testing rates.  

It is important to remember that at Alert Level 3 people should stay home in their own bubbles and most people are not permitted to travel outside of the region. Those who can travel must carry evidence to do so, and most people permitted to travel out of the Auckland region will need evidence of a COVID-19 test. 

The air and land boundary and north and south Auckland checkpoints remain in place and people need to have evidence of their permitted reason to travel ready to be checked by police or aviation security.

Alert Level advice for Auckland

Travel across an Alert Level Boundary