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Source: Save The Children

Nala’s story.

Nala* is a mother of five children, including one-year-old Ahmed*. They all live with Nala’s brother in a camp for displaced people in Puntland, Somalia.

Droughts intensified, impacting the local job market. As a result, the family’s income reduced and Nala has been forced to reduce the number of meals they eat in a day. They can no longer afford to buy clean drinking water. Ahmed became sick and malnourished.

Nala took Ahmed to a Save the Children supported stabilisation centre, where he was diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition and is receiving treatment. He is making a steady recovery and has started to smile, laugh, and play again, much to Nala’s relief.

Nala told us: “When I first brought him here he was unable to move around. But now he’s had the milk and the peanut paste he’s able to talk to me and play. Apart from the medicine and milk they’ve giving Ahmed, they’re also providing me with three meals a day so I can concentrate on looking after my son. I want to see my children grow and live a better life in the future. That’s my hope for my children.

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