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Source: Media Outreach

BEIJING, CHINA- Media OutReach- 24 September 2021 – Following CryptoZR’s (Liu Jiaying) exhibition Cookie Cookie, the world’s first CryptoArt themed exhibition held in Beijing in May 2021 the artist will sell her work 1000E YE, which was one of the works on display. Collectors will have the chance to purchase a part of the work from September 26, 2021 at 9 pm Beijing time / 2 pm BST to September 29, 2021 at 9 pm Beijing time / 2 pm BST.

Left: 1000EYE(2019), Oil painting, 3m diameter; Right: Eye of Satoshi Nakamoto, ( 100EYEclose-up)

Courtesy of CryptoZR

In 2019, CryptoZR created 1000EYE , a CryptoArt project based on Ethereum blockchain. Starting with the eye of Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym of the father of Bitcoin, CryptoZR painted 1,000 eyes on a canvas arranged in a Ulam Spiral, essentially “homogenizing” all subjects in the painting. Once the painting was completed, the artist anonymized each eye and issued 1,000 corresponding non-fungible tokens (NFT). Stored on an Ethereum blockchain and with each eye representing a one-thousandth unit of the work, 1000EYE can be divided into independent entities in the blockchain. Conversely, the work as a whole, can last forever in the blockchain world through its decentralized characteristics.

To ensure fairness of distribution, the artist will use the closing price on the issuance date from Nasdaq’s first trading day after the sale period of the work to randomly assign numbers to the images of the 1000 NFTs, information to which even the artist herself has not been made not privy. The tokenID corresponding to each eye will be made available the day after the work is sold on the first trading day. The price of each eye work in 1000EYE is unilaterally priced at 1 Ether (ETH). The address of the numbered artworks, ranging from 1 to 1000, will be announced on Twitter @crypto1000eye , where collectors can access the sales website via the announcement and inquire about the works on sale.

CryptoZR said: ” 1000EYE is about decentralization and to evoke discussions around the dissolution of power. In the real world, not everyone knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but in this work, everyone will know who Nakamoto is. I homogenize the “non-fungible” characters, striving to reflect the relationship between virtual and reality. As for creative techniques to depict this relationship, I use the crudest forms of manpower to paint. The time and thoughts spent are diametrically opposed to the art of algorithm.”

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