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Around the World in 14 Days – October 2-17

School Holidays Programme for Central City Library.

Travelling and doing events in the library are limited right now so we are bringing our school holiday programme direct to your own home.

Join us for some fun activities the whole family can enjoy via interactive zoom sessions and fun Facebook challenges.

Parents/caregivers, please supervise your children when participating in our on-line events.

Stinky Kitchen Lab

Wednesday 6 October, 10.30am-11.30am          

A (pretty unstinky) guide to pickling and fermentation. Make a sourdough starter, pickle some vegetables, and see if you can mummify a piece of fruit!

Suitable for ages 5+

The Great Thingymajig Contraption Challenge                  

Thursday 7 October, 2pm-3pm

Getting from A to B – learn some tips and tricks then build your own complicated machine to perform a simple task in this Rube Goldberg-inspired challenge.

Suitable for ages 7+ (and adults)

Time Travel Detectives

Monday 11 October, 2pm-3pm

Become a family history detective. Find an old family photo, interview some family members about it and see if you can re-create the photo with yourself in it. We’ll give you some cool tips on how to age your photo to make it look like the real thing!

Suitable for ages 7-12

The Art of Nature

Tuesday 12 October, 2pm-3pm

Explore your neighbourhood with our nature scavenger hunt and create some awesome natural art.

Suitable for ages 5+

Follow the Central City Library Facebook page to find some other exciting challenges.

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