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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Source: Environmental Protection Authority

We’re calling for submissions on an application to allow three organophosphate chemicals which had time-limited approvals to be used in New Zealand for longer.
Diazinon, fenamiphos, and methamidophos are used as insecticides in agriculture and biosecurity. A previous reassessment set expiry dates on their approvals; 2028 for diazinon, 2023 for fenamiphos and methamidophos.
The Vegetable Research and Innovation Board has now applied for a reassessment to extend the approvals by further 10 years.
A decision-making committee has decided there are grounds for a reassessment, because there is information showing a significant change of use.
The General Manager of the Environmental Protection Authority’s Hazardous Substances group, Dr Chris Hill, says the application is proceeding as a modified reassessment, rather than a full reassessment.
“Our decision-makers will re-evaluate certain aspects of the approval, such as the hazard classification of these substances, the availability of alternatives, and the risks associated with their use.”
Dr Hill says it is easy to make a submission online. Submissions are a valuable part of the decision-making process.
“In a submission you can provide information, make comments, raise issues or indicate support. We encourage anyone with knowledge or information relevant to this reassessment to make a submission.”
Submissions on this reassessment close at 5.00 pm on 8 November 2021.
Additional notes
The previous reassessment that set time limits on the approvals for diazinon, fenamiphos and methamidophos was completed in 2013.