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Pretty excited to announce that The Big Bike Film Night ‘Feature Series’ will be hosting a screening of South – The Tour Te Waipounamu Story by Kiwi director Rob Dawson.

Our ‘Feature Series’ concentrates on satisfying cycling enthusiasts craving more bicycle drama with full length documentaries on a particular cycling genre.

This documentary explores what bikepacking is, and what it means to those who ride the Tour Te Waipounamu, a 1300+ kilometre race through some of the South Island’s most scenic but harsh landscapes from Cape Farewell in Golden Bay to the southernmost tip of the South Island at Slope Point,

Race founder, Brian Alder, has put together a backcountry route that incorporates many private stations, otherwise inaccessible to the public, as well as navigating a mixture of historic walking tracks and paths.

The TTW has been billed as the newest, and arguably the toughest bikepacking event on the New Zealand calendar.

When you delve into where this race takes you, (physically and mentally) and the type of fitness level needed to undertake this formidable endeavour, you understand what a demanding challenge Brian Alder has placed in front of these race participants, as documented by Rob Dawson.

After the film finishes, we have a Q&A session with Brian Alder, Race Director of the TTW, and race participant Phil Walter.

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