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Source: Auckland Council

The wait is over – no need to settle for second-best, BEST FOODS IS BACK.

Best Foods fans have endured rolling shortages of NZ’s fav mayo due to the impacts of COVID-19.

That means many of our loyal customers have had to pick a second-tier substitute. But, the pain is over – Best Foods is back in full supply nationwide.

If you’ve had to grab a bottle of H**** , E** or any other cheap imitator, we’ll swap your second-best for FREE Best Foods at the BEST FOODS EXCHANGE at Sylvia Park on Saturday, 31 July from 11am until stocks last.

Come along and bring your second-best mayo and exchange it for two replacements of the best stuff, or even if you’ve been loyal and gone without, we’ll gift you a bottle for free.

With the Hits crew there to turn up the music and tons of fantastic activities – you won’t want to miss this one.

See you there.

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