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Tokyo – If Japan and Tokyo were to vote on the Olympics going ahead, the games would have been cancelled long before they start.

Japan is currently under a state of emergency which will be in place until August 22.

People in Japan are concerned the influx of tens of thousands of people associated with the event could see covid rates soar.

Host city Tokyo is already seeing covid cases fresh surge of the eve of the Games opening.

Host nation expected an economic windfall and global recognition. But amid pandemic, the people of Japan want all things Olympic to just go home.

The Olympics are turning into a $20 billion loss for Japan which has been expecting an economic windfall. The global health crisis has blown all the away.

One of the world’s and Japan’s biggest companies, Toyota Motor Corp, was one of the games’ major sponsors but it has withdrawn all its adverts tied to the Olympics, a big event without any spectators.

The head of the Tokyo 2020 organising committee says he has not ruled out cancelling the Olympic Games. Really? The immoral IOC has a lot to answer for, especially if people die, as a result of the games going ahead.

More than 70 people associated with the Games have tested positive ahead of tomorrow’s opening ceremony. This has burst the village bubble.

The Games will see five new sports: skateboarding, climbing and surfing will be added permanently, while karate and baseball / softball will both make one-off appearances.

The only sports that have featured in all Olympic Games since 1896 are gymnastics, athletics, cycling, fencing and swimming.

Rowing and water polo have been continuously featured since their inaugurations in 1900. So between now and August 5 more Olympic athletes and officials will get and spread covid in Tokyo. Is it all worth it? The Olympics and covid don’t mix.