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“The arts inform as well as stimulate; they challenge as well as satisfy. Their location is not limited to galleries, concert halls and theatres. Their home can be found wherever humans choose to have attentive and vital intercourse with life itself.” – Elliot W. Eisner.

OUTSIDE1X1, is a show by a group of artists from different backgrounds.

Through painting, photography, sculpture, music and poetry, viewers can experience different approaches and techniques in contemporary artmaking, influenced by different cultural identities and experiences.

Artists include; Diane Scott, Fiona Newton, Haihui Wang, Kingsley Melhish, Kim Meredith, Lalita Li Abraham, Lea-Anne Sheather, Neil Farrin, Nim Flora Chan Statham, Ong Onlie, Philip Tse, Qiuwang Wang, Selwyn Vercoe.

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