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Source: Auckland Council

Kiwijam is Aotearoa’s own homegrown annual in-person game-jam. We invite everyone, including students, to share ideas and make a game of any type for 48 hours in one of many sites all over the country.

Wondering what a game jam is? It’s a chance to make things. Game jams are all about coming together to design and make games (computer games, board games, tabletop games, or anything else you can think of ) in a super short amount of time. In this one, you’ll have 48 hours (including sleep) to go all the way from idea to whatever you can bodge together in time.

This year, Kiwijam is taking place at the University of Auckland’s Unleash Space. With their help, you’ll have a workshop at your disposal to build & craft physical games too. We’ll provide materials and help on the weekend.

Further notes:

  • Skill in the arts, or some experience making/programming games would be handy
  • Catering for participants
  • Spectating is OK – see how games get made
  • Located at university, so directly next to bus stops

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