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Source: Tertiary Education Commission

2021 Performance-Based Research Fund indicative allocation
How we calculated your 2021 indicative allocation for the Performance-Based Research Fund
The information below provides a summary of how your indicative allocation was calculated. For more details regarding your specific allocation, please contact or your Relationship Manager.
Your prior performance information was used to calculate your 2021 indicative allocation.
Starting point
The PBRF is a mixed performance-assessment regime that employs both peer review processes and performance measures.
We calculate PBRF allocations based on the performance of eligible TEOs in:
A periodic Quality Evaluation.
The number of eligible Research Degree Completions.
The value of External Research Income.
The Quality Evaluation: this is a periodic assessment of the research performance of eligible TEO staff, undertaken by expert peer review panels. This component makes up 55% of the fund.
The funding allocation is based on the award of funded Quality Categories and subject area weighting of Evidence Portfolios submitted by TEOs. It is calculated relative to:
a. The funded Quality Category assigned to Evidence Portfolios (EPs) – e.g. A,B,C or C (NE);b. The full-time equivalency status of the participating TEO’s PBRF-eligible staff member as recorded in the PBRF Staff Data File; andc. The weighting for the subject area to which EPs have been assigned.
The postgraduate Research Degree Completions (RDC): this is a measurement of the annual number of PBRF-eligible postgraduate research-based degrees completed at participating TEOs. This component makes up 25% of the Fund.
The funding allocation is based on a three-year rolling average of a TEO’s research-based postgraduate degree completions, weighted by research volume, relative costs of the subject areas, and ethnicity and completions in Te Reo.
The External Research Income (ERI): this is the annual amount of income participating TEOs receive for research from external sources. This component makes up 20% of the Fund.
The funding allocation is based on a three year rolling average of a TEO’s proportion of total ERI earned and weighted by funding source.
Key changes to our approach for 2021
Allocations for each New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology (NZIST) subsidiary will be based on the 2020 data for it or for the Institute of Technology and Polytechnic (ITP) it replaces.
An indicative funding allocation may be made to a TEO that later transfers delivery to a transitional or other TEO. In that case, we will engage with the new TEO to transfer and adjust the allocation.