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About Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service
The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong authorized the Hong Kong Baptist University (formerly known as Hong Kong Baptist College) to organize it in 1978 and was established and formally established in 1982. The organization is district-based and is committed to providing diversified services for children to the elderly, including integrated services for children, youth and families, integrated services for the elderly, integrated mental health services, training and employment services, clinical psychology and counselling services, nursery schools, and catering services And poverty alleviation projects, etc., the service areas are all over Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories. The organization formally became an independent body corporate (a company limited by guarantee) in accordance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance in 2009 and was approved by the Inland Revenue Department to become a tax-exempt charitable organization in accordance with the tax regulations.

About LU Plaza
LU Plaza, owned by Safety Godown Company Limited, is located in Kowloon East which is known as Hong Kong’s second core business district (CBD2), with elegant scenery and convenient transportation. The total building area is about 440,000 square feet, and the building is 21 floors high. The parking area on the first and second floors are for private cars, trucks, and motorcycles. There are also environmentally friendly electric vehicle charging parking spaces. On the side of the basement lobby, there is also an air-conditioned VIP pick-up and drop-off area, barrier-free passages, and facilities for people in need. The ground floor lobby and the third floor are retail shops, restaurants, and Chinese restaurants.

The LU+ Business Center on the 3rd floor of LU Plaza has multi-purpose event venues, which are suitable for holding different meetings and events, including business meetings, video conferences, seminars, workshops, yoga and fitness trainings, dance classes, etc.

LU Plaza:
The LU+ Business Center:

About The Lu’s Foundation
In 1996, the charity Lu’s Foundation Limited was founded by Mr. Lu Sin (Zhen Wan), founder of Safety Godown Company Limited, South Asia Knitting Factory Limited, and Kian Nan Trading Co Ltd, on the initiative of his friend Mr. Huang Diyan (former Vice Chairman of the Bank of China and Director of the Hong Kong Macau Regional Office). The charter was drafted by Mr. Carmelo Lee, Senior Partner of the Woo Kwan Lee&Lo, with the purpose of “helping the poor, promoting good deeds, giving love and giving back to the community”. This year, the Lu’s Foundation has entered its silver Jubilee year. Over the years, the Lu’s Foundation and Mr. Lu Sin’s companies have donated more than HK$200 million to disaster relief, the elderly and the young, education and medical assistance, including nearly 200 schools mainly located in Fujian. Contributing to the cause of charity and education in China, Hong Kong and around the world.

About Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club
Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club was established in 2009. Cooperated with more than one hundred primary and secondary schools and kindergartens to hold rope skipping courses. Through promotional activities, training classes, coaching courses, workshops, lectures, seminars, and continuing education courses, we are committed to providing high-quality rope skipping training and further popularizing rope skipping.

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