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Source: Media Outreach

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 22 June 2021 – The Malaysia Global Business Forum has partnered with GLS Fitworx Sdn. Bhd. the developers of “Ignite” a leading program for individual and corporate fitness to engage with the corporate sector to better understand the relationship with fitness and productivity.  The agreement which will include the rollout of a series of simulcast webinars to highlight the positive benefits of exercise and productivity will include a research component to bridge the current data gap in Malaysia related to this subject coupled with virtual workouts.  
According to the 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor, pre-COVID19 data showed that the global wellness industry grew 12.8% annually reaching a value of USD4.2 trillion.  The various supply chains represented some 5% of global economic output.  The fitness sector too was a high growth sector within that context. However, with the lockdowns accruing globally much of that business has migrated to online and has yet to be fully understood from a business perspective.

“The challenge is that we have global figures and international trends but we don’t have relevant data from a Malaysia perspective so we will use this initiative to develop a set of data that will allow us to better inform corporations and government departments on the potential positive impacts of fitness programs for the workforce.” Stated Nordin Abdullah, the Founding Chairman of the Malaysia Global Business Forum. 

“During the COVID19 pandemic health remains top of mind, research shows there is a direct link between an individual’s level of fitness and their overall health and ultimately this impacts productivity.  For Malaysia to truly recover from the impacts of COVID19 there will be a need for a paradigm shift in terms of productivity.  That is why we are working with GLS Fitworx Sdn. Bhd. the developers of “Ignite” to move this agenda forward.” concluded Nordin. 

Louis Joubert the Managing Director of GLS Fitworx Sdn. Bhd. who has 20 years of experience of developing corporate fitness programs commented that “Every single company that we have engaged with, in terms of corporate fitness and wellness, has seen a shift in productivity and a reduction in work time lost due to medical leave. These are direct indicators that relate to profit.”

“Besides that, another indicator that is immediately evident is employee engagement and satisfaction. So many employees want to make a change in their health and wellness but face certain challenges. The main challenges are; They don’t know how to do it or where to start; they lack structure and motivation; there is a perception that they cannot afford it; they are afraid that they might do something wrong.”

“When we develop a wellness program with a company, we break down the process to its simplest form so that everyone can participate. We get every employee to do a basic body analysis test so that we can determine a base line to start from. We do a fitness talk which gives basic guidance on eating habits and we engage the individual by placing them into groups of participants that are on a similar level to them. We then take them from square one and work on progression.”

With Covid-19 and the reality of gym closures, lockdowns, company wellness programs being put on hold, a few fitness companies have pivoted to online fitness training. The Fitworx Management has pivoted online fitness with the assistance of the latest technology with the investment into a High-Definition online fitness studio, that live streams disciplines like Yoga, Fitness classes, Fight/Boxing classes as well as Dance classes on a set schedule.

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