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Source: New Zealand Treasury:

The Treasury has released an update to the Living Standards Framework (LSF) Dashboard.

The Treasury makes the Dashboard publicly available to provide greater insight into how New Zealanders’ wellbeing is progressing.

The LSF Dashboard helps show how the wellbeing of New Zealanders is evolving over time

The Dashboard is organised according to the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework. Dashboard users are able to compare a range of wellbeing indicators for each of the 12 domains of current wellbeing, e.g. air quality as an indicator of environmental wellbeing. As well as seeing a summary of how New Zealand is doing over time in each indicator, users can also see breakdowns for different population sub-groups and international comparisons where available.

The Dashboard also provides a number of indicators for how New Zealand is doing in the four capitals that underpin our living standards now and into the future – such as sense of belonging, under social capital.

Click on this link to access the Dashboard and to read more about Measuring Wellbeing: the LSF Dashboard.

The Living Standards Framework (LSF) is the Treasury’s wellbeing framework

The LSF is a flexible framework that prompts the Treasury’s thinking about policy impacts across the different dimensions of wellbeing, as well as the long-term and distributional issues and implications.

It includes 12 Domains of current wellbeing outcomes; the four Capital stocks that support wellbeing now and into the future; and risk and resilience. Distribution – across people, places and generations – matters across all three of these dimensions.

The LSF Dashboard supports the Treasury’s use of the LSF by providing the indicators the Treasury believes are most important to inform its policy advice on cross-government wellbeing priorities. The LSF is a flexible policy tool to prompt policy analysts to consider broad impacts, and the LSF Dashboard is one source of evidence feeding into the Treasury’s strategic advice.

Click on this link to read more about Our living standards framework.

Updating the LSF Dashboard

On Wednesday 18 May the Treasury updated the ‘Our Country’ and ‘Our Future’ sections of the LSF Dashboard, including data available up to 5 May 2021. ‘Our Country’ provides indicators and measures across the LSF domains of current wellbeing, while ‘Our Future’ includes indicators for the four capitals of the LSF. A small number of indicators have not been updated as they are no longer available in the same format. These indicators will be reviewed in the next update of the Dashboard.

The Dashboard was first released in December 2018 and updated on 12 December 2019 to include new data available up to 15 November 2019. The December 2019 update also included some indicator changes.

The next update of the LSF Dashboard is expected towards the end of 2021, which will also reflect changes made as part of our refresh of the Living Standards Framework, to meet the challenges posed to the framework by the topics of children and culture, including te ao Māori and Pacific perspectives.