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Source: Tertiary Education Commission

2021 ACE in TEIs indicative allocations
Purpose of ACE in TEIs funding
The purpose of the Adult Community Education Fund is to purchase provision that provides adults with community-based education foundation skills, and pathways into other learning opportunities that meet community learning needs.
How we calculated your 2021 indicative allocation for ACE in TEIs
The information below provides a summary of how your indicative allocation was calculated. For more details regarding your specific allocation, please contact or your Relationship Manager.
Your prior performance information informs the calculation of your 2021 indicative allocation.
Starting point
To determine the starting point for calculating your 2021 indicative allocation, we compared your 2019 actual ACE in TEIs delivery with your 2020 allocation.
Note: Your 2019 actual delivery has been adjusted for any additional funding provided (including flexible funding), funding rate increases, and significant policy changes. Your reviewed 2020 allocation includes Plan changes and excludes one-off adjustments. We make these adjustments to ensure we are accurately comparing your 2019 actual delivery with your 2020 allocation, in dollar terms.
If your 2019 actual delivery was below 100%, we used the lesser of either your:
2019 actual delivery, or
2020 allocation
If your 2019 actual delivery was 100% or above, we used your:
2020 allocation
If you delivered ACE in TEIs for the first time in either 2019 or 2020, we used your:
2020 allocation
New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology
Allocations for each NZIST subsidiary will be based on prior performance and funding data for it or for the ITP it replaces.
An indicative funding allocation may be made to a TEO that later transfer’s delivery to a transitional or other TEO. In that case, we will engage with the new TEO to transfer and adjust the allocation.
Determining your final 2021 funding allocation
To determine your final 2021 allocation and Plan approval, we will consider the following information in our assessment and/or engagements with you:
Your actual delivery of equivalent full-time students as submitted through the December 2019 Single Data Return (SDR).
Your year-to-date 2020 delivery and any further rate increases.
Key changes to our approach for 2021
In previous years, the starting point was calculated using actual delivery and was not adjusted based on whether delivery was below or at 100%. Further plan increases or in-year adjustments were not accounted for.
We will now take into account if delivery volume was at or below 100% and will include in-year plan adjustments where necessary.