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Source: Hutt City Council

The first of Lower Hutt’s new rubbish and recycling bins are being delivered to residents this week ahead of the upgraded kerbside rubbish and recycling service starting 1 July.
Approximately 120,000 wheelie bins for rubbish and recycling, and crates for glass are being delivered in stages to just over 40,000 households across the city. Households will also receive their green waste bins if they chose this service.
Lower Hutt Mayor Campbell Barry says this is an exciting milestone for the upgraded service, which will ultimately bring Lower Hutt’s rubbish and recycling kerbside service into the 21st century.
“These changes are all about providing a service that is affordable and fit for purpose and extending the life of our Silverstream Landfill. For too long, our local services have languished well behind other centres – which have been enjoying the benefits of a modern kerbside collection service for years,” Campbell Barry says.
“With these new bins people across the city, regardless of who they are or where they live, will be empowered to correctly dispose of their rubbish and recycling. It means we can reduce illegal dumping, fly-tipping, and the sorts of issues we see when people are not able to afford collection services. The new service is good for our environment, and saves ratepayers money in clean-up costs.”
While bins are being delivered from this week through until June, people should not use them until the service commences from 1 July.
“Although it may be tempting to put your new bins out now, it’s really important people avoid putting anything in their bins until 1 July. The last thing we want to see is rubbish being stockpiled in the bins for weeks before they are able to be collected,” says Campbell Barry.
Notes to editors:
– The new residential kerbside service comprises wheelie bins for rubbish and recycling, a blue crate for glass recycling and an optional green waste service.
– When the new service starts, only the new blue crates will be used for glass collection. The existing green recycling crates belong to you and you’re welcome to repurpose them. They’re handy for things like planter boxes and storing small pieces of gardening equipment. For people who don’t want to keep their old green recycling crate we’ll be arranging pick-up in July. The crates will be recycled.
– The majority of households will see their current waste disposal costs reduced, while receiving a more comprehensive service
– The new service doesn’t start until 1 July so please don’t put your bins out until then.
– If you use a private provider for your rubbish collection service, make sure your current contract ends before 1 July 2021.