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Source: Pharmaco (NZ)

A natural dry fog sanitising system made in New Zealand is now available for whole room decontamination and is as effective as any chemical based cleaning.

The dry fog’s active agent is naturally occurring hypochlorous acid or HOCL, a super disinfectant made by passing an electrical current through a water based solution.  Tiny amounts of HOCL are also found in white blood cells when the body fights infection.

The electrochemical HOCL has been successfully tested against SARS-Cov2 surrogate HCov-229E3 with results showing a 99.99% kill rate.  It is used to create Anocide STM and sold under The EcoChemist brand.

Chandra Selvadurai, Managing Director of healthcare company Pharmaco (NZ) Limited, says natural dry fog sanitisation will change the way indoor spaces are kept clean and germ free:

“We’ve seen recent discussion about the potential risk of airborne germs and transmission, and the need to sanitise the air, as well as surfaces and hands.

“Usual cleaning practices focus on all high touch surfaces such as chairs, tables and door handles, however, germs can survive elsewhere such as on ceilings, walls and suspended in the air.

“Whole room decontamination or deep cleaning, often uses chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone, chemical fogging of various disinfectants and chlorine dioxide – all of these are hazardous to people.

“Natural dry fogging is a very good alternative to this chemical based practice – it’s effective and will reach all the nooks and crannies where germs may lurk.”

The natural air sanitising alternative resulted from a partnership between Pharmaco (NZ) Ltd and AWS Group, an Auckland based specialist in antimicrobial and cleaning chemistry. Together they have created a range of sanitising products.

The production of HOCL using eco electrochemistry has been understood for years, but only recently has technology been developed to produce a stable, high quality product in viable commercial volumes.

The natural dry fog is produced using a patented fogging technology that uses ultrasonic waves to spray tiny uniform particles into the air, of between 5 and 10 microns – a human hair is 75 microns. The particles are so small they remain suspended, killing germs as they go and do not settle, meaning any surfaces stay dry and any electrical equipment is unaffected.

“To help keep life as normal as possible, as the world continues to grapple with the pandemic, we all need to be more germ aware,” says Chandra Selvadurai.  

“However, there’s no need to rely on strong chemicals, or alcohol, when there is a powerful and natural alternative.”

The EcoChemist range of products also includes a foaming hand sanitiser, that is soft on the skin, meaning it can be used as much as needed without drying out hands, and a surface cleaner.  The range is available from wholesale channels, online through Pharmaco Emergency Care and directly from Pharmaco (NZ) Limited.

About Pharmaco

Pharmaco (NZ) Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated company that was established in 1967.  It provides a full range of sales and marketing services to over 20 international pharmaceutical, medical, diagnostic and scientific companies requiring representation in New Zealand and Australia, and a portfolio of over 2,500 products.  Its service combines local knowledge with global expertise, to bring life-enhancing and life-saving products to this market, supported by warehousing, distribution, regulatory and administration services.  Pharmaco is a leader in its field and an example of a company that has taken an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to serving the New Zealand public with vital healthcare products and services.  The company’s Australian subsidiary, Pharmaco (Australia) Ltd, was established in 2005 and is based out of Sydney.

About AWS Group

The roots of the AWS Group Limited (or AWS as it is known in the industry) go back to 2006 in New Zealand when Envirolyte NZ Limited first introduced ANK Neutral Anolyte to the New Zealand market.

Since then the company and its product offerings expanded to a point where a change of name was necessary to better reflect the products and services offered. The AWS Group name was born in 2018 and the acronym AWS refers to the Air, Water and Surface sanitation products the company produces from its base in Penrose, Auckland.  

AWS is a specialist in developing and manufacturing innovative and environmentally friendly sanitation, cleaning and hygiene solutions.