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New research finds governments must maintain digital service momentum to hold onto trust gains by adapting personalisation, proactive actions, and ensuring data transparency

Auckland, Tuesday 27 April 2021 – New research released today by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Salesforce has found New Zealanders believe digital government services have improved during the pandemic and reaffirmed that good customer experiences improve their trust in governments.

The Trust Imperative 2 report surveyed almost 3000 people across Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ) in March 2021. The research found 44 per cent of New Zealanders said digital services had improved and 59 per cent said their trust of government services had improved in the last 12 months.

The research found 60 per cent of New Zealand customers agreed that digital government services would be greatly improved if they were more personalised.

Across A/NZ, 76 per cent of customers said that they expect government services to be tailored to their individual circumstances and 87 per cent expect some level of proactive service delivery from government agencies. When asked about the data sharing needed to power these services, 70 per cent of respondents expressed a willingness to share personal data provided the benefits and safeguards are communicated clearly and it made their lives easier.

Commentary on the research

Gisele Kapterian, Director of Public Sector Strategy, Salesforce APAC

“New Zealanders have given government permission to personalise their services. However, customers are not asking for governments to provide the same predictive online experience as retailers like The Warehouse. Instead, they want governments to use what has been shared with them to better tailor services and communication to meet customer needs.”
“Successful delivery of great customer experiences provides the trust and permission needed for governments to continue to get closer to their customers. Now is the time to invest in the skills, technology and processes that deliver government services at greater speed, scale and quality.”

Miguel Carrasco, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group said

“On the back of the increased trust generated through good digital services, governments have an opportunity to lean in and do more on personalisation and proactive service delivery. Customers have said they want it and are comfortable sharing their data to enable it, as long as the data is secured and the benefits of doing so are clear, tangible and immediate”
“More mature digital governments found it easier to adapt and deliver new services and features quickly during the pandemic, and this demonstrably resulted in higher levels of customer satisfaction and trust.”

Key insights from The Trust Imperative 2:

·  Public sector experience expectations: 56% of New Zealand customers said they expect governments to match or exceed the high standards set by the best private sector companies

·  Digital service use in the pandemic: 52 per cent of New Zealanders engaged with digital government services weekly, or more than once a week. This represented 12 percentage points growth since 2018 in the number of people accessing services at least once per week in New Zealand

·  Clearly communicating the value exchange critical for data sharing. Customers will share their data if the benefit is clear, tangible and immediate. 43% of A/NZ customers believe that governments were doing a good job of communicating the personal and community benefits of sharing data. This is an increase of 16 points from October 2019 when 27% believed they were doing a good job.

·  Third Party data sources: Around 45% of A/NZ customers were comfortable with governments aggregating data from commercial sources of data, such as utilities and financial institutions. Customers said they were far less comfortable with governments using data from retail and social media companies.

·  Data sharing compact: To deliver the personalised services customers want, governments need a new data sharing compact with customers to collect, aggregate, analyse and store high-quality data about them. 51% of New Zealand customers are willing to share data related to a specific service or domain if it makes their lives better. A further 17% said they were willing to share access to any data. 25% said they would share the bare minimum and 7% said they would not permit data sharing at all.

·  Designing innovative government services of the future: To deliver the personalised and proactive services needed, the report recommends that governments:

o Think deeply about where to use personalisation to avoid perceptions of ‘creepy’ – and ask for informed consent before providing tailored services.

o Only use technology to deliver more personalised and proactive services if they are confident in the quality of the underlying data.

o Foster a culture of data use transparency and communicate the value exchange for sharing data.

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