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Six dogs have suffered broken legs at New Zealand greyhound races in the past two weeks. On Sunday, in a video broadcast by the TAB, in Race 3 at Auckland, greyhound All Day Long suffered a harrowing fall and broken leg. On the same day, at the same track, Spring Timmie, suffered a broken leg.
This year alone, seven greyhounds have died and over 270 injuries have been sustained at races in New Zealand.
SAFE CEO Debra Ashton said, “As long as there is greyhound racing in New Zealand, dogs will continue to suffer.”
Earlier this week, Kiwibank announced that it is offering a block on online gambling transactions to help customers curb addiction.
“We are seeing leadership from private industry who are taking action to condemn the ills of gambling,” said Ashton. “This is an industry that hurts animals and people.”
A petition, supported by SAFE, calling for a ban on commercial greyhound racing was launched by Greyhound Protection League of New Zealand in September 2020. So far it has been signed by 26,420 people.
“No ‘athlete’ is expected to die for their sport,” said Ashton. “It’s time for this gross abuse of dogs to end.”
SAFE is New Zealand’s leading animal rights organisation.
We’re creating a future that ensures the rights of animals are respected. Our core work empowers society to make kinder choices for ourselves, animals and our planet.
Greyhound injury list:
– 28 March, Auckland: THRILLING PEGGY fractured right hock.
– 29 March, Christchurch: MITCHAM ILA – a fractured hock.
– 30 March, Christchurch: GOTCHA TROY – fractured hock.
– 30 March, Christchurch: RIPSTORM – fractured hock
– 11 April, Auckland: ALL DAY LONG fractured left scapula fracture
– 11 April, Auckland: SPRING TIMMIE fractured right hock
Reported Greyhound death toll from January 2021 to date:
– January 1, Whanganui: My Pablo, euthanised after suffering a ruptured stomach. And Born Quick, euthanised after suffering a fractured hind tarsal bone.
– January 6, Whanganui: Novo Ollie, euthanised after suffering a fractured right hock.
– January 10, Auckland: My Kirsty, euthanised after suffering a fractured right hock.
– January 12, Christchurch – Hold the flag -euthanised after suffering a fractured leg
– January 15 – Christchurch – Homebush Carra – euthanised after suffering a fractured leg
– January 25 – Opawa Troy died during surgery for an injury
– March 21 – Big Time Falcon – euthanised after suffering significant damage to right hock
– The Greyhound Protection League is running a petition, which asks Parliament to pass legislation to ban greyhound racing and to require all dogs that have been bred for racing be rehomed and rehabilitated.
– Greyhound Racing New Zealand’s 2020 annual report.
– Photos of dogs rescued by the Greyhound Protection League.
– Greyhound racing is legal in only seven countries. A ban in the Australian Capital Territory came into force in April 2018, followed by a ban in Florida, USA, in November 2018. Since Florida is home to 11 of the USA’s 17 active dog tracks, this is a signal that greyhound racing is about to become a thing of the past in the United States.
– Information about greyhound racing in New Zealand.