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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 6 April 2021 – Kenanga Investors Berhad (“Kenanga Investors”) today announced its collaboration with the Malaysian Financial Planning Council (“MFPC”) to offer programmes for the purpose of the professional qualification for the Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and the Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP) certifications.

From left to right: Vincent Kwo Shih Kang, President of Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) & Ismitz Matthew De Alwis, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of Kenanga Investors Berhad.

The Programmes are set to improve the relevance of financial planning and enhance the careers of these financial practitioners; thereby producing competent financial planners who are professionally qualified. MFPC will oversee the management of the overall Programme mechanics which include developing and updating the Programme materials from time-to-time, quality monitoring and assessment, and conferring awards on qualified Programme participants. The Programmes will see Kenanga Investors assisting MFPC in educating participants on their responsibilities as financial planners, their professional conduct, and the applicable rules and standards throughout its duration.

Ismitz Matthew De Alwis, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Kenanga Investors says “The Programmes are intended to promote greater understanding of the financial planning approach as opposed to a product-based approach, which is something that we have staunchly been a supporter of. At Kenanga Investors, we advocate the benefits of this approach within our corporate structure and at present, our sales personnel from both the agency force and Private Wealth team are currently enrolling as or already are licensed financial planners.”

With the launch of the Programmes, he foresees that the company’s agency sales force, as well as new entrants, will fulfill the licensing requirements to become full-fledged financial planners. “Our annual goal will be to have our Kenanga Investors agency force and our Private Wealth Managers be systematically enrolled according to the scheduled intakes and readiness. This collaboration ensures we ultimately offer financial products and services that will add holistic value to our clients’ financial journey” says De Alwis.

According to MFPC President Vincent Kwo Shih Kang, this strategic collaboration is in line with the recent announcement by regulators intending to expand the scope of financial planners. “MFPC, together with Kenanga Investors laud these encouraging steps being taken within the industry which will provide investors with an additional avenue of investment advisory. We are committed to supporting the growth of the financial planning profession through this active approach which will greatly benefit the rising number of novice investors especially as there is heightened interest in investing post pandemic times.”, says Kwo.

MFPC is an independent body that promotes nationwide development and enhancements of the financial planning profession. MFPC developed and maintains the Best Practice Standards and Code of Ethics that must be adhered to by RFP and Shariah-RFP designees. It was registered on 10 March 2004 under the Societies Act 1996.

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