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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Safe Travel

From 19 April, you can travel from Australia to New Zealand without having to enter a managed isolation facility when you arrive. Travellers from New Zealand can already enter some states in Australia without having to go into managed isolation.

All other normal entry requirements, for example immigration and biosecurity, apply.

The SafeTravel advice level for Australia will move down to level two “Exercise increased caution” on that date. Read our full travel advice for Australia here.

Different Australian states can have different requirements and rules for travellers related to COVID-19. Travellers should check the conditions and any requirements in each state they intend to travel to before travelling.

If community cases occur in New Zealand or Australia, the Government could pause quarantine-free travel for a time to assess the risk or it could suspend travel for a longer period of time. Travellers should have a plan and be prepared for travel plans to be disrupted. Before they travel, travellers should register their details with SafeTravel so that they can receive up to date travel advice. It is also important that travellers get travel insurance and check their policy carefully. Read more information about travel insurance here. Detailed information about quarantine free travel can be found on the Unite Against COVID-19 website.

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