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Source: Maritime Union of New Zealand

The Maritime Union says the failure to promptly take steps to enable the public release of a health and safety report at Ports of Auckland should be the final straw for the Auckland Council.

Maritime Union National Secretary Craig Harrison says the report has been completed but the release of the report is being delayed to protect port management.

A draft independent report that was commissioned by the Mayor of Auckland is still being checked by POAL lawyers.

Mayor Phil Goff has told Board and Management the time being taken by POAL to provide feedback “is unreasonably delaying the finalisation of the report” – and thus delaying POAL taking positive steps to address the findings of the report.

Mr Harrison says he does not know what company lawyers have to add to a report completed by health and safety experts.

“Workers have died and been seriously injured through preventable accidents at the Ports of Auckland, but POAL management is still controlling the process and failing to be transparent and accountable.”

Mr Harrison says the Maritime Union represents the majority of stevedores at POAL, and MUNZ members at the Port wanted to get the information from the report as it was their health and safety at risk, not management or their legal advisers.