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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions
Source: Reserve Bank of New Zealand

23 March 2021 – The RBNZ has further updated our statistics release calendar to reinstate publications throughout March and April. We continue to return towards our normal schedule for banking and other financial data.

We can now confirm a new publication date for the December 2020 quarter Bank Financial Strength Dashboard, which will be published on Thursday 15 April.

The monthly banking sector data publication schedule will fully return to normal after February month liquidity data is published on Friday 16 April. All dates are confirmed in the updated April month release calendar. The main publications still to be reinstated are insurance financial statistics.

We thank all data users for your patience and understanding as we work through the process of reinstating our statistics publications and apologise for any inconvenience the delays have caused.

Survey Reference period Series Original date New publication date
NZ debt securities Jan-21 and Feb-21 D30-D31, D35 16-Mar-21 25-Mar-21
Household balance sheet Dec-20 C21-C22 5-Mar-21 30-Mar-21
Foreign exchange turnover ($m daily averages) Jan-21 and Feb-21 B4 15-Feb-2021 and 12-Mar-2021 8-Apr-21
Bank Income Statement Dec-20 S20-S21 2-Mar-21 14-Apr-21
Bank Financial Strength Dashboard Dec-20 Key metrics 3-Mar-21 15-Apr-21
Liquidity Feb-21 L1-L3 1-Apr-21 16-Apr-21