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I’m writing with some urgency. At the end of next week, submissions close for the draft recommendations of the Climate Change Commission – recommendations that the Government has signalled it will simply adopt.
I’m not going to sugar coat this. The media haven’t been doing their job and instead of critically reviewing what is the most radical reforms to our economy since the Douglas-Lange era, they’re blindly cheering it along.
Here’s the how the Climate Change Commission Chair Dr Rod Carr has put it:
The transformation that New Zealand will confront in the decade ahead… is going to be on a scale that will rival the transformation from our controlled and regulated economy in the 1970s through to the early 1990s. It will be on a scale of the demilitarisation after the second world war. It will be on a scale equal to getting ourselves out of the great depression of the late 1920s. And I would guess it might rival the sum of all those parts…
The Commissioner plans to up-end our economy with central planning, forcing costly regulations on New Zealanders in an attempt to change the way we live and the entire shape of the economy.
Here’s just a taste of what the Commission’s plan involves:
•  Ban imports of light petrol and diesel vehicles from 2032.•  Cull dairy, sheep and beef numbers by 15% by 2030.•  Reshape cities so that we walk 25% more, cycle 95% more, and take public transport 120% more by 2030.•  Subsidise electric vehicles further.•  Ban new coal boilers.•  Ban all coal generation, regardless of security of supply.•  Ban new natural gas connections.•  Ban gas BBQs.•  Require new and replacement heating systems to be electric or bioenergy, not gas.
These measures may seem unrealistic – but with the Government having publicly committed to implement whatever the Commission recomm