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Source: Media Outreach

AKITA PREFECTURE, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 5 March 2021 – Focusing on community collaboration, DMO Akita Shirakami Tourism announced two new projects to promote safe travel to the Akita Shirakami area. Their newest PR video highlighted the safety of the area’s vast wilderness, and their Kamashi Meshi project mobilized restaurants committed to Covid-19 safety precautions, to create new menu items that concentrated on local ingredients to attract new visitors amidst a pandemic that has greatly affected small business.

New PR video shows how travel in Akita is safe:
Akita prefecture has some of the lowest numbers of Covid-19 cases in Japan. The small population and boundless natural setting are reflected in the newest PR video which shows that travelers to the Akita Shirakami area are guaranteed a safe and authentic Japan experience all to themselves. Watch here:      
Kamashi Meshi Project helps small businesses affected by the pandemic through new menu items and Covid-19 safety:
In addition to the UNESCO recognized nature, travelers can taste the bounties of the Akita Shirakami area and support small businesses that have been affected by the pandemic through the Kamashi Meshi project. Restaurants got together to create a series of menu items that followed criteria such as using over four local ingredients. In the Akita dialect, kamashi means “to mix.” Paired with meshi (food), the hearty dishes are packed with flavors that meld together and can be transformed with original toppings. Dishes feature luxury ingredients like abalone, watershield, and a local beef called Tsurugata-gyu. All restaurants have adjusted their spaces to ensure safe dining. Learn more:
The Akita Shirakami area is a hidden gem for adventurous nature and food lovers. For travel inspiration, the Visit Shirakami Facebook page run by Akita Shirakami Tourism frequently posts the area’s charming attractions.     
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