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Source: Eastern Institute of Technology – Tairāwhiti

4 mins ago

Spending a day a week in a workshop as part of his automotive course led Marshall Jones exactly where he wanted to be.

The 19-year-old left school and decided to go to EIT and learn something to lead to a career using his hands.

He was leaning toward light mechanic work but since being introduced to the huge 50 tonne trucks, he has not looked back.

In 2019 Marshall completed Automotive level three and tutor Phil Maule placed him with TPW Workshop – the mechanical side of trucking businesses Pacific Haulage and Williams and Wilshier.

TPW workshop manager Hanan Stevens said it was great to have a good working relationship with EIT Tairawhiti.

“It means the students get a taste of what it is all about. “

The opportunity can also provide a selection of potential mechanics, if required, he says.

Marshall fitted in to the TPW Workshop quickly and started doing work experience one day a week.

“He was really keen. Within a month we had an arrangement he would work three days and attend his course two days.

“He proved he would rather be here and so we offered him a full-time job.”

Hanan says there is a definite shortage of heavy vehicle mechanics and a growing demand.

Working on the big engines in the near-new workshop at the industrial subdivision clearly suits Marshall.

Eight months in his job and he is capable of attending and fixing breakdowns on his own, says Hanan.

As well as ongoing maintenance of the 90-truck fleet, Marshall says finding and fixing a fault is a highlight.

As well as working full time, Marshall is completing his managed apprenticeship at EIT / level four heavy automotive.