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Source: Taxpayers Union

12 FEBRUARY 2021FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASETeam New Zealand’s threat to move the event from Auckland if it re-wins the Auld Mug regatta is astonishingly arrogant, given the tens of millions both ratepayers and taxpayers have had to cough up for the team and event to date.“It appears Grant Dalton and Team New Zealand don’t actually care that much about the New Zealand bit,” said Executive Director of the Taxpayers’ Union Jordan Williams reacting to the NZ Herald report that a northern hemisphere host city is being considered for next time.“A kind interpretation is that this is just Grant Dalton trying to hold Phil Goff over a barrel to squeeze even more ratepayer money out of him for the next event. Phil Goff should dismiss the threats for what they are.”“The taxpayer and ratepayer funding of one of the world’s richest sports was always questionable. The television audience is below expectations, the British press is ignoring Team UK, and New Zealand just isn’t getting what was promised. If Mr Dalton wants to get taxpayer funding from suckers elsewhere, we shouldn’t stand in his way.”