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Source: BusinessNZ

The government’s support package to assist businesses in hiring at least 40,000 people impacted by Covid-19 will boost business confidence and get unemployed Kiwis back into work, BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope says.
Changes to the flexi-wage programme increase the average amount a business can access to hire a worker, and increases the number of out of work New Zealanders the scheme will reach.
In expanding the programme, eligibility has been widened from initially helping job seekers on a benefit and at risk of long-term unemployment, to now include job seekers disadvantaged in the labour market who may not be receiving a benefit.
“Flexi-wage will incentivise businesses to take on new workers and is targeted at Kiwis struggling to re-enter the workforce, including those who lost their jobs due to Covid. This should keep unemployment numbers low and the economy ticking over.”
Mr Hope says it’s nice to see a recognition from the government that business needs to lead New Zealand’s economic recovery.
“The $30 million ring-fenced to support people out of work to start their own business is a constructive way to encourage new start-ups and innovation.”