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Source: New Zealand Parliament – Hansard


Debating ChamberDress Code

SPEAKER: Members, I’ve noted that one member in particular has, notwithstanding the ruling that has been circulated to members, decided to enter the House without a tie. This matter was a subject of consultation with members. My own personal view has been expressed widely that I think ties are outdated, but that was not the view of the overwhelming majority of members who expressed their view to me. I’m therefore going to indicate to the Leader of Te Paati Māori that I will not be calling him while he is not wearing a tie and he is not to enter the House again not wearing a tie.

RAWIRI WAITITI (Co-Leader—Te Paati Māori): I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. In an email you sent to the members of this House you did advise that business attire—and what I’m wearing is Māori business attire and a Māori tie; I stand here before you today in that manner. The second part of your email also talked about how a 2017 review of Standing Orders supported members dressing in formal wear of the cultures they identify with. So that’s why I stand here with this Standing Order at this particular time, Mr Speaker.

SPEAKER: OK, I’ve noted the member’s comments. He hasn’t convinced me.