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Source: Media Outreach

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 28 January 2021 – By reviewing the historical trends of the world, every technological innovation is bound to set off a tremendous tide. Nowadays, under the constant momentum of blockchain technology, the development of decentralized finance has become an unavoidable financial trend globally. 2020 is a year of outbreak and turbulence for the blockchain industry, attracting extensive attention from all sectors. There is no doubt that the blockchain industry will be more mature in the future, and it has embarked in the era of real strength. As one of the important segments in the blockchain industry chain, a trading platform plays an indispensable role, and has gradually become the super entrance of traffic in the development process of blockchain.

In the face of opportunities and challenges, To shake has been seeking differentiated advantages, and under technology empowerment, with the application of blockchain, cloud computing, big data and other cutting edge technologies, it has created a transaction platform of the digital revolution, aiming to provide safe, stable and convenient Blockchain asset services for users around the world.

To shake was initiated by Shaking Around To shake. The company was established in Colorado State of the United States and is 100 % controlled by the Shaking Around foundation Ltd. With prominent and reliable background as its foundation as well as financial support, the company operates simultaneously in China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia as well as many other countries and regions. Moreover, To shake has obtained the MSB of the United States, which makes it a diversified first-line platform approved by authorities and recognized by investors. To shake enjoys leading competitiveness in the industry, extensive customer base and a market environment of broad prospects.

Now, the new version of To shake 2.0 has been officially launched. With its comprehensive upgrade, a brand-new experience would be brought to global users. In order to serve users in a better way, the newly launched version 2.0 has the following remarkable features:

Providing more diversified digital asset transactions: currency transaction, contract and order management, legal currency transaction, grid strategy, community order management.
New upgrade on the App UI: providing more informative contents, optimized interface and user-friendly experience.
Real-time industry dynamics provided more accurately: real-time market data, faster transaction speed, more secure separated management and more convenient transactions.

To shake version 2.0 will allow users to experience an extensive upgrade from operation to transaction operation, which would greatly improve user experience, and enable users to rationalize investment allocation according to their own needs, thereby maximizing their benefits. In addition, in order to prevent users’ additional losses, being cheated and other risks due to deficiencies in their awareness, To shakecould provide users with risk tips, safety proposals and so on in many sections, thereby enhancing their cognition over the relevant transactions.

To shake also realizes the integration of multi-platforms and global resources, which provide investors of digital currencies with more prominent depth and liquidity in transactions. How to grasp opportunities of wealth? To shake has built a path of success for all investors. With its prominent capital advantages, first-class technical team and various innovative modes of operation, To shakewould mark the next round of development.
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