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World’s 1st AI Butterfly Illuminating Installation + Traditional Red Lanterns Continuation of Love & Hopes in the Year of the Ox
HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 27 January 2021 – To welcome a new year full of hope and challenge, Lee Tung Avenue, the largest outdoor pedestrian street in Hong Kong, continues to cheer for everyone in the new year. From 29 January to 2 May 2021, a brand-new art installation “Butterflies of Hope.Blessing Lanterns”, which integrates both Chinese and Western aesthetics, will be at LTA and destined to be the next popular check-in spot in town! As well, there will be traditional red lanterns and the newly built AI program shining upon the boulevard. May everyone have a blissful, fruitful and bright future.

Blessing Lanterns celebrate the new year of the Ox

LTA wishes the Lunar New Year will be a good start to the year. To welcome the year of the Ox with happiness and auspice, the world’s 1st AI butterfly light and shadow art installation last Christmas will be recreated to celebrate Lunar New Year with you! The use of AI innovates the installation with festive music and lightings. There will also be traditional Chinese red lanterns hanging on the entire boulevard, which adds harmony, auspice and blessings to the whole installation.

According to William Chan — the Centre General Manager of Lee Tung Avenue Management Company Limited, it normally takes a great deal of time to innovate such a large-scale installation. However, thanks to the integration of AI technology, Butterflies of Hope can shift in a short time from a pure Western-style winter atmosphere to a decoration full of both Chinese festivity and Western aesthetics. Better yet, the innovation at the same time reduces waste, in line with the concept of eco-friendly upcycling.

A blend of Hope & Harmony, and Chinese & Western styles
Wish everyone a desired and auspicious new year

The new “Butterflies of Hope.Blessing Lanterns” is created by Victor Wong, a local visual effects director and 2019 MARTELL Artist of the Year. Just as butterflies are a living embodiment of hope, lanterns are a symbol of harmony and auspice. Blending Chinese and Western styles is not simply adding traditional Chinese lanterns. The shape and lines of the butterflies are also designed to imitate some traditional Chinese auspicious patterns, which merges Chinese and Western aesthetics in a more sophisticated fashion. Coupled with AI-powered lighting and music that match the festive ambience, such as the constant change of butterfly shapes, the installation transforms LTA into an urban village of Lunar New Year joys. The use of Art Tech must bring everyone a new surprise. It is definitely the perfect place for families to check in at the Lunar New Year!

World’s first AI butterfly light art installation,
Art Tech shines a ray of hope to our brighter future

With the advance of technology, the integration of art and technology innovation sets the new trend of art development — Art Tech. “Butterflies of Hope.Blessing Lanterns”  is a case in point. Victor takes butterfly as the theme, symbolizing beauty, love, hope, positivity, happiness, and revival. The installation features a 7-meter stained glass butterfly and over 350 little illusion glass butterflies shattering holiday cheer all over the atrium and boulevard. Victor and LTA hope that by the butterfly’s uniqueness, viewers can feel the regeneration and vitality of life and face the future hopefully and positively. May everyone have a happy Lunar New Year with positive vibes!

Frog King celebrates Lunar New Year with you at Art Market
Alongside the hopeful and auspicious “Butterflies of Hope .Blessing Lanterns” brought by Victor, there will be “Frog King” — Kwok Man Ho, “kiwisual” the art stones and a group of artists writing spring couplets (Fai Chun) for everyone to bring happiness and blessings back home on 30-31 January. Frog King has engaged in painting, sculpture, installation, conceptual, improvisation, performance art, and other creations in more than 3,000 activities during his 40-year-long artistic career. Every time he shows up, he brings vocal objects, glasses, a rope, and bamboo, all of which are his instrument to get along and have fun with everyone. Besides Fai Chun, several of Kwok’s original artworks will be displayed on site. The event is also co-hosted with 1-art Foundation to raise funds through a charity sale, including some kiwisual and limited edition masks designed by Frog King. As well, some Fai Chun will be given away to visitors for free, hoping to spread happiness extensively to more people.

In 2011, Frog King represented Hong Kong to participate in the “54th Venice Art Biennale” in Italy. His solo exhibition “Frogtopia Hongkornucopia” was a big hit. His elaborate and constantly growing artwork dominated the entire exhibition hall, attracting 70,000 visitors and successfully entering the mainstream. His artwork has also been displayed at 2018 Art Basel.
Lunar New Year Limited Member Spending Rewards
To help everyone have a good start of the year, LTA specially prepares a new year limited member spending reward so that everyone can back home fully loaded. From today onwards to 12 February, a same-day spending of HK$300* with electronic payment at any merchant in LTA can redeem the limited Butterflies of Hope red packet set*. Moreover, spending HK$800 from today onwards to 28 February, you can receive both a HK$50 dining coupon and a HK$50 shopping discount coupon*!

*Redemption activities are subject to relevant terms and conditions. For details, please refer to Lee Tung Avenue’s official website.

Kids Butterfly-themed Art Space
LTA is teaming up with the local young artist Josh Tang and the child art education Center “Colourful Kids” to organize a butterfly-inspired child art space. Josh lived in the UK for 20 years and graduated from the University of Kingston and the University of Reading. He is currently working as an art instructor at Colourful Kids, at which students are creating multiple handmade artworks with a butterfly theme. Their artworks will pour vibrancy and creativity all over the boulevard. Further, some of their artworks will be selected and sold online for charity (, with part of the proceeds being a charitable donation to “Soap Cycling”. Josh even created a butterfly art painting named “FLY” for LTA. Displayed on the basement floor at Exit D of Wan Chai MTR station, the painting shows the transformation of the butterfly and its hopeful and vigorous form. The rich use of colors allows viewers to feel positive and joyful hope.

Soap Cycling DIY — Spreading the fun of Eco-Friendliness
LTA shows full support to the Asian first soap recycling charity “Soap Cycling” in the festive event. This time Soap Cycling will make unique butterfly-themed soaps for charity sales. A series of recycled materials will be exhibited at the same time. Meanwhile, local artist Agnes Pang is specially invited for decoration design and conception. Agnes advocates the idea of “taking what others discard” and excels in making good use of life resources, turning the “garbage” in people’s eyes into useful materials for creations. Based on the symbol of beauty and happiness — “butterflies”, Agnes has made flowers with round plastic bottles and fruit wrapping nets. She meticulously transforms ordinary butterflies into flying “flower butterflies”, so as to bring joy, creativity, and positive energy to everyone. Wish everyone shine and enjoy life even in adversity. Besides, DIY kits will go to the charity sale on weekends, with the series of soaps limited to Lunar New Year only! Hopefully, the promotion of environmental protection will make this new year more lovely and meaningful.

In addition to varied New Year limited products and special offers, Lee Tung Avenue also brings you new stores full of surprises to meet different needs!* The above offers are subject to relevant terms. In case of any dispute, Lee Tung Avenue Management Company Limited and above merchants reserve the right of final decision. – Published and distributed with permission of