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Source: Media Outreach

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 25 January 2021 – HKTA Hong Kong Tutor Association Ltd launched online electronic payment systems including TA e-wallet, Loyalty Member Reward Points program, and e-gateway payment access system, these newly launched programs are awarded the Fintech Awards 2020 by This is also the industry’s affirmation that HKTA Hong Kong Tutor Association Ltd will rise to the challenge during the pandemic1.

In the past year, the education industry in Hong Kong had a cold winter due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the unemployment rate reached 6.3%2 according to the Census and Statistics Department HKSAR. Many part-time tutors were unemployed since the beginning of the semster. According to some private tutorial school owners, they are still watching the economy and changed some full-time tutors to part-time mode3.

Facing the new norm of social distancing, students cannot attend classes, parents are inconvenient to go to the bank, and tutors cannot teach in person, HKTA Hong Kong Tutor Association Ltd swam upstream during the pandemic and increase investment in company’s IT system. HKTA Hong Kong Tutor Association Ltd use the most advanced artificial intelligence technology to enhance the company’s comprehensive competitiveness. The IT department developed a cross-platform video tutoring system, AI matching background enhancement technology and online electronic payment system. With these great innovations, HKTA Hong Kong Tutor Association Ltd helped to reduce physical contact, and parents no longer need to queue up at banks or ATMs. Besides, logging in to the HKTA website or mobile app can easily complete the one-stop service of tutoring with online interacting video system,  and contactless e-wallet settlement. In addition, tutors from all over Hong Kong can easily go to HKTA’s online video platform to interact or check homework with students at home. The combination of real person matching and AI system can match students with the most suitable teacher in an efficient and accurate way. HKTA Hong Kong Tutor Association Ltd provides the most efficient and focused tutoring matching services in the market for 80,000 active students and 120,000 registered tutors4.

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