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Source: Taxpayers Union

The Taxpayers’ Union is alarmed to learn that Rotorua’s Hemo Gorge Sculpture, labelled a ‘monument to waste’ by locals, potentially poses a health and safety risk due to structural movements since its installation. Taxpayers’ Union Rotorua Spokesman Jordan Williams says: “Since the monument was erected, reports of a visible tilt in the metal base plate relative to the concrete foundation plate have arisen. This causes (or partly causes) the sculpture to tilt in the approximate direction of Whakarewarewa Village.” “We understand urgent enquiries have been made to the Council about engineering assessments of the monument’s safety – right in the middle of a State Highway.” “This omnishambles is already 50 percent overbudget and looks nothing like the concept drawings despite running three years late.  Now that questions of engineering safety are being asked, the Council needs to front.”