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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 30 December 2020 – Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world with a small land and a large population. It can be said to be “diamonds in every inch of land”. Therefore, residences are also striving to be small and elegant. The designers of the “Carol Interior Design” decoration company with the integration ability has perfectly created the home decoration space that the owner dreams of.

In a limited space, whether it is a mosquito-shaped mansion or a short-term rental dwelling, you need a desk to work, a bed to sleep, and a cupboard to place items. So many furniture are crowded in a small space. Is there enough living space? The use of multifunctional transforming furniture is becoming more and more popular. In the design of Hong Kong dwellings, the provincial interior design is the primary focus. The use of multi-functional transforming furniture allows you to arrange the space in one step. It does not require major construction work to improve the efficiency of space use.

Multifunctional furniture includes different furniture such as transforming bed, sofa bed, transforming dining table, transforming bookcase bed, transforming wardrobe bed, transforming desk bed, transforming wall bed and so on. The multifunctional transformable bed combines the bed with other furniture in function, so that various functions can be satisfied in the same furniture, thereby reducing the number of furniture pieces and the occupied volume, and saving indoor space. Such decoration design is extremely practical in snail house life. Many multifunctional deformable beds are equipped with storage functions at the same time, which can achieve multiple goals at one fell swoop and become multifunctional storage deformable beds.

The sofa bed is one of the most widely known multi-functional transforming furniture in home decoration. By combining sofas, beds, and sometimes more storage functions, one piece of furniture can be used to meet the living room and bedroom, or the double living room and guest room. For space utilization, the sofa bed is definitely an essential prop for the space saving magic! When relatives and friends visit, if Zhang can hide in the usual time and lie on a soft and comfortable bed at night, the problem of the guest room can be easily solved. In terms of bedding, in addition to the various multifunctional transformable beds described above, the sofa bed/sofa bed is also transformative furniture with very high practicality and universality.

“Carol Interior Design” The common deformed dining table in interior decoration can be divided into hidden and extended. The deformation of the hidden dining table lies in the “presence” of the countertop, and the deformation of the extended dining table lies in the “size” of the countertop. The user can decide which style of deformed dining table to purchase according to the size of the home space, the frequency of use of the dining table, and the purpose of the selection. All deformed dining tables must be cleaned. If rubbish or oil stains on the gears or hinges that are critical to deform, it will easily cause damage to the mechanism. Pay attention to maintenance during use to extend the service life.

The primary consideration for small apartment owners is to maximize space utilization as much as possible. Window sills are one of the considerations. Window sill bed frame, window sill desk, window sill rest area, window sill storage space, etc. are all very practical designs. If you want to make good use of the window sill space, you can use the interior decoration to create the window sill as a resting area, and the seat under the seat is designed as a storage space, so as not to miss any available space. Or use a special-shaped window sill furniture “window sill bed frame”, raise the bed board and plan the storage space below, which is also a design to make full use of the window sill space in the bedroom. Setting up a desk on the window sill not only makes use of the window sill space, but also gives you a glimpse of the scenery outside the window when you work and read, which relieves stress and improves work efficiency. Ingenious interior design tricks can turn a space crisis into a turning point in life.

To order multi-functional transforming furniture in the decoration project, you need to discuss carefully the furniture function and deformed structure design that need to be combined with the “Carol Interior Design” designer and decorator. The size and material of the furniture must be determined in advance and coordinated ingeniously Home interior decoration, so that you can create the most suitable transforming furniture, creating more practicality, creativity and ingenuity for your living space.

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