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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 20 December 2020 – Arizona State University defeated Oregon State University by 46-33, ending their 2020 NCAA football regular season journey with a big victory. He Peizhang, a young Chinese player who completed a touchdown in the last game, has repeatedly played with the special team to perform kickoffs. Although he did not get the opportunity to play offensively, his positive performance has also been recognized by his teammates and coaches.

Arizona State University had a bad start and gave up playing for the ball before half-court. Oregon used a successful wave of offenses in the third gear conversion. Wide receiver Lindsey completed a touchdown and scored additional points. The score came to 0-7. Arizona followed closely with a very smooth offense and finally rushed the ball to equalize the score, 7-7. After the touchdown, He Peizhang played with the red shirts special team to execute the kick-off and successfully intercepted the Oregon returner to ensure a good defensive position. In the subsequent game, the two sides started a scoring battle like their opponents and scored 9 touchdowns. In the end, with a more stable offense and the performance of oppressing opponents to cause errors, Arizona State University won the final victory. In the whole game, Arizona State University advanced a total of 514 yards, including 139 passing yards and 375 rushing yards. The offensive efficiency on the road was quite high. The Oregon State team advanced 474 yards, including passing 224 yards and rushing 250 yards. During the game, the official broadcast signal introduced He Peizhang’s specific information, and the shots were also given to the junior Chinese running back many times. Obviously, his performance has attracted people’s attention.

He Peizhang is from Shaoguan, Guangdong, and his English name is Jackson. He revealed that the English name Jackson was chosen because of his admiration for the late pop superstar Michael Jackson. In 2014, at the age of 17, he moved to the United States and attended Lutheran High School (now Victory Christian High School in Chula Vista, California). He Peizhang spent the first two years of his college career at Jamestown University. In the first year, he participated in the NAIA project in North Dakota and was once a red shirt. After that, he returned to China, and while waiting for the admission notice, he played for the Foshan Tiger Football Team, which also inspired his desire to return to the United States to play college football. In 2019, Peizhang He entered Arizona State University, and after communicating with running back coach Sean Aguina, he was awarded a temporary player spot by head coach Helm Edwards. Since then, he has been an important member of the Arizona State University football reserve team.
In the game against UCLA on December 6, Beijing time, He Peizhang, who represented Arizona State University, appeared in a jersey with a Chinese name. He also became the first Chinese player to board an NCAA football game. In the subsequent game against the University of Arizona, He Peizhang, who came off the bench, made history again, becoming the first Chinese player to touchdown in the NCAA football field.

For this young man who has made history, such an excellent performance may be just the beginning. We believe that there will be more exciting possibilities waiting for him in the front full of expectations, and we hope that he can bring us more surprises.

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