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Source: Taxpayers Union

The Taxpayers’ Union is slamming the appointment of the notable left wing economist to chair the Productively Commission, saying it’s the last nail in the coffin for the only fiscally conservative public institution left.“With the quality of thought at both Treasury and the Reserve Bank having degraded in recent years, the importance of the Productively Commission has never been higher,” says Jordan Williams.“The Government’s appointment of a left wing political hack does not bode well for the agency that is supposed to be the adult in the room.  It will certainly not arrest the decline of New Zealand’s relative productivity and economic prosperity.””The Productivity Commission was set up to focus on productivity. But the Commission’s new Chair wants to shift focus away from GDP and toward ‘wellbeing’ as if he’s leading a social agency. This is a betrayal of the purpose for which taxpayers fund the Commission.”“The Commission now joins all of the other Government Quangos – the Human Rights Commission, Privacy Commissioner, Climate Change Commission to name a few – that have been infiltrated by the left and argue that everything but economic growth, freedom and prosperity is important.””New Zealand’s body politic needs to stop making excuses for our economic underperformance. The Productivity Commission is supposed to hold our leaders’ feet to the flame, but instead Grant Robertson has installed a wet blanket.”