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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Geographic boundaries annual release: As at 1 January 2021

10 December 2020

Geographic boundary data provides geographic boundaries in spatial formats and classifications in non-spatial formats.

Access spatial datasets from Stats NZ geographic data service

Use Stats NZ geographic data service to view, access, or download geographic boundary files.

Access 2021 boundary layers such as territorial authority, urban rural, and statistical area 2, with metadata, in a range of formats.

Download Geographic areas file 2021 (CSV)  file of the the 2021 meshblock concorded to selected meshblock years and higher geographies.

Geography names have tohutō (macrons) where applicable. The name field without tohutō is suffixed ‘ascii’.

View geographic boundaries

Use Stats NZ geographic boundary viewer to view  how different Stats NZ geographic boundaries are related, and the changes made to boundaries over time.

Access geographic classifications

Use Ariā to view and download classifications and concordances for 2021 geographies in non-spatial formats.

Definitions and metadata

Statistical standard for geographic areas 2018 defines Stats NZ’s geographic classifications.

Geographic hierarchy provides information about statistical, administrative and electoral geographies, which form a hierarchy of geographic areas that cover all of New Zealand.

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