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Source: Media Outreach

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 8 December 2020 – BINGO(HK) — the best website design company in Hong Kong, launches a new version of website management and online store management system every year. The pandemic in 2020 increased the enterprises’ needs of website application and e-commerce. BINGO(HK) thus upgraded its system and launched its online store system which is much more suitable for the local, Chinese and international markets.

Thomas, who is the system development supervisor of BINGO, gave a talk in the UK in 2019 to introduce to the British enterprises about the website system security influences on e-commerce.

The globally largest domain name registrar, namely GoDaddy indicated in its 2020 annual report that there were over 20 million newly registered domain names three years ago. However, only 29.79% of them had renewed in the second year while therein only 32.00% continued to renew in the third year. The 2016 report from Forbes also shows that 84% of the online stores closed within 3 years.

THOMAS pointed out, “The 2019 report from the Office of Communications — Media Use and Attitudes Report indicates that 92.1% of the people in Britain tried online shopping. Nowadays, this is already a network dominating era. A set of outstanding system is very important to the development of a company. BINGO persists in producing websites with high return rate that the system will use programmes like heatmap, AI techniques and the system has also passed multiple security check.”

The Hong Kong actress, namely Vivien Yeo, shared her experience on running her online store in some videos that since every online store system has different problems, she tried 4 systems within her 7 years of online store operation and each time she changed a system, inconvenience caused. She also mentioned that some systems ran into problems after several years of operation and this brought her great losses. She invested over 1 million HKD to develop and maintain so as to run her online store business. Up to the present, there are still many companies launch their systems directly without passing stress tests or security tests. When the number of website visitors or orders exceeds a certain limit, problems occur and this will finally lead to tremendous loss of income which requires a large amount of money to pay for the maintenance fee to resolve the problems. 

Utilise Technology and Professional Design, Reduce Manpower, to be Real Electronic
The System Development Team of BINGO analyses thousands of websites every year including the works and actions of each website administrator. In case the sales volume reaches tens of millions per month, the plans of product management, logistics management will be considered during the system design process. Moreover, BINGO has conducted stress test thus the websites will be able to run normally even if there are over 200 thousand of visitors browsing simultaneously. This brings a smooth online shopping experience to the visitors.

Highly Flexible System
Thomas Yeung mentioned that most of the time enterprises used multiple systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, POS, etc.) to assist with different daily routines. However, it actually ignored data sharing and integration of different departments which led to the problem of main business data failed to be displayed centrally.

Online Store Integrated with AI
The 2020 new version of online store system integrates with AI artificial intelligence element together with text identifier system which supports Cantonese dialogues. It is similar to the Apple Siri function that immediate dialogues with clients can be carried out which allowed 24-hour online support service. Thomas said that there were about 10 customer service colleagues supporting online service in the past, but it only required 4 colleagues in the future with the AI function equipped. This truly made things electronic by using big data system.

Upgrade and Maintain — A Challenge Without an End
Bingo(HK) is the first service provider who launched the back-end permanent use in Hong Kong. The website system security level is checked annually and corresponding upgrade and improvement will carried out. There is also routine check for the website source code.  Although it seems like that the maintenance cost is quite high, the system security is more secured and the years of lifespan will be longer because of the continuous upgrade of core system in the long term.

Obtained International Certificate
BINGO has been training colleagues for obtaining the CISSP qualification since 2018 to reach the most secured website design company standard in Hong Kong. Currently, all the BINGO System Development Department staff has obtained the related certification.

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