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Source: Media Outreach

Banish Pandemic-induced Skincare Woes with POND’s Beauty Tech on Shopee
HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM – Media OutReach – 1 December 2020 – It’s no secret that, among many other things, Covid-19 has been damaging for skin. Continued working from home, constant exposure to the blue light from our computer screens and perpetual mask-wearing have all taken their toll on our precious faces leaving them drier, acne-prone and more susceptible to early wrinkles. With the POND’S Institute predicting that the continued restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic across the region will continue to play havoc with our skin, POND’S has teamed up with Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, to integrate its Skin Advisor Live (SAL) chatbot on the platform so consumers can easily identify and find solutions to some of their most pressing skincare concerns.

Research by the POND’S Institute shows that common skincare issues  in Vietnam, such as dullness, dark spots, wrinkles, acne and oily skin were exacerbated by the pandemic due to prolonged mask wearing and continued all-day exposure to our screens. Leveraging data and insights from a global network of skincare experts and researchers, the POND’S Institute predicts that many of these skincare issues will persist into 2021, as those behaviours will continue to be mainstays of our everyday lives.

However, the news doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, as AI skincare advisors such as POND’S SAL chatbot can help to identify the skin issues particular to each person. The cutting-edge AI chatbot will identify key skin concerns based on an individual’s selfie or uploaded photo, and recommend skincare products to tackle skin concerns. For example, if a user has a high acne score, the Acne Clear facial foam will be recommended as it fights 99 per cent of germs. Users with a high wrinkle score will be recommended the Age Miracle Day Cream, which has Vitamin B3 to offer strong protection against blue light.

Over 98 per cent of consumers that have interacted with SAL, enjoyed and appreciated the advice given. Now with the integration onto Shopee from 2nd December onwards as part of the ‘Smarter Skincare Just For You’ Brand Day  from 3rd — 4th December, it’s even easier to check your skin condition via the SAL diagnostic tool and make quick click-throughs to purchase the products that are recommended to heal and improve your skin condition.
“Our goal is to provide consumers with the most up-to-date and pioneering skincare solutions,” said Rohit Bhasin, Global Brand Vice President, POND’S. “Our research from the POND’S Institute helps inform our innovation so we are continually updating our diverse range of products to cater to a variety of skincare needs whatever their environments. POND’S SAL helps consumers on their skincare journey by identifying their own skincare concerns and points them to products which may be able to help — all from the comfort of their sofa. And with this first-of-its-kind integration onto Shopee, this journey just got even easier and more enjoyable, helping consumers from feeling overwhelmed by the choice of skincare products online.”

“We’re excited to be the first e-commerce platform to partner with a globally-recognised beauty brand like POND’s, to offer consumers across Southeast Asia easy access to personalised skincare solutions. Our insights show that Shopee users spend time on our app interacting with brands through features such as livestream and chat. SAL will be a bonus feature for them to engage deeper with the brand and learn more about their skin, while enjoying great product deals from POND’s,” said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director, Shopee.

The POND’S ‘Smarter Skincare Just For You’ Brand Day on Shopee will run from 3rd December to 4th December, featuring educational content and exclusive promotions. For more information on trying out POND’S SAL at Shopee, please visit here.

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